"I am a School Based Nurse and have been using Kiri Moisturizer on children's Eczema and found it to be really successful in keeping the skin moist and preventing further outbreaks. With Eczema it is important to keep the skin well hydrated to prevent outbreaks- and Kiri Moisturizer does this.
I started out using it on my own skin at first as I suffer from dry skin/Psoriasis. I found it to be so beneficial- that I decided to try it on my daughters Eczema also. Her skin improved so greatly that I decided to put a pump pack of Kiri in my nurses bag. I believe Kiri moisturizer is so good- that I am asking for samples so I can give these to clients."

Shirley Coles-Griffiths
Mobile Primary Nurse/School Based Nurse
Hastings, New Zealand

“I have heard that the Manuka honey skincare has been absolutely wonderful in helping relieve dry, thinning skin of older people making the skin more moisturised and comfortable.


Personally I have recommended this product as using it myself I have been delighted with the result. The antiseptic and healing properties of this whole KIRI® Manuka skincare range is superb.”

Ngaire Ellis
Albany, Auckland

“Your lovely hand cream, with UMF® Manuka Honey was bought back from New Zealand as a gift. The product was excellent. The combination of The Manuka Honey & Vitamin E is very good and is easily absorbed by the skin. Please tell me where I can purchase this in Melbourne, Australia.”

Toni Coyne
Melbourne, Australia

“I stumbled on the KIRI® Manuka Honey UMF® 16+ Body lotion while on holiday in Kaikoura. My daughter has suffered with severe discord execma for 10 years and your product has just been amazing, since using it her skin is terrific, it has almost cleared up. I would recommend it to all, its fantastic my daughter has her confidence back and does not have to cover herself up….”

HoonHay, Christchurch

“On a recent holiday to New Zealand I purchased some of your KIRI® UMF® Manuka Honey Hydrating Balm for Men. After several days of usage and because of the results being achieved with my extremely dry skin, I purchased two more tubes while I was there.

A pertinent point which I haven’t mentioned is that due to my excessively dry skin from over exposure to the sun earlier in my life I am forced to have regular visits to a skin specialist for treatment on skin cancers, however I do believe that the Manuka Honey hydrating balm is also assisting with this problem.”

Peter Duke
Merriwa, Western Australia

“Please, Please tell me how I can access some more of your wonderful KIRI® UMF® Manuka Honey Body lotion, I purchased some recently on a holiday to New Zealand and would like some more. It’s gold in a jar!

Steve Kaufman
Colorado, USA

After just one month of using your KIRI® face cream, I have found my skin to more radiant and smooth. Please tell how I can order more of this wonderful New Zealand cream.”

Ruth-Anne Ryan
Atlanta, USA

“While on holiday recently to your country I have purchased a cream from the KIRI® range. It was so good, I have run out, please I need more of this healing skincare.”

Magdad Sese
Barcelona, Spain

“I love the scent and the hand cream is fabulous.”

Melissa Brinkley

"I wished to express my appreciation (for the Hydrating Balm Cream for men). My son, now 19, has had severe eczema all his life in joint areas, legs and head areas. I have tried many different treatments over the years and none have been as effective as the Hydrating Balm Cream for men. It has been particularly effective on his face and is very good at calming the skin after shaving. It’s a great product!"

Agnieszka McAndrew
Howick, Auckland

"Hi just making contact with you to let you know  how FANTASTIC your Manuka Honey body lotion is. My Grand-daughter has suffered with eczema for the past 18 months. I have spent a small fortune on trying to find a product that would help. Even prescribed lotions from her Dr did not work. I visited Lakes Prime Care Pharmacy here in Rotorua, and on speaking with the Assistant she recommended your product. I am so thankful to her as my Grand-daughter's skin has cleared up remarkably. Unbelievably remarkable. Her skin looks like she has never had eczema. I was so impressed that I am in the process of changing over to your products for my own use. Thank you so much for coming up with this product. The other added bonuses are it is very reasonably priced and NZ made. WOW. Once again, Thank you so much."

Shirleyanne Hughes


Here is some more feedback from reviewers at GoodieBOX:

"Smells great, feels great. I've tried lots of moisturisers, and didn't find they were very good. This one is very good. It made my face feel really soft and moisturised which is a good thing for me as I have extremely dry skin. The fact that it has a sunscreen in it and its kiwi made, is fantastic. Will definitely keep using this and see what the results are at the end."

"Amazing!! The best facial moisturiser I have used in a long time. Better than many of the more expensive products I have used. Already ordered some more :)"

"Was a bit skeptical at first as the moisturiser is very thick, which to me normally equals greasy and pore clogging. So was pleasantly surprised when it melted beautifully into my skin. My skin definitely feels better for using this!"

"I'm actually hooked on this moisturiser. I think it is really lovely on the skin and I love the way it feels when applied and smells. I will definitely continue with this product as I think it is an excellent moisturiser at a very economical price."